Saturday, October 11, 2008

And The Sun Also Rises

And The Sun Also Rises.

Its that time of year when the sunrises. Now the sun rises here all the time but this time of year lends it self to the right mix of cloud and solar aspect. A weather system was coming up from the south this morning making for a rich sky scape.

Now I have posted images of the morning light shows before but they bare repeating. This morning nearly an hour was killed between 0730 and 0830. In difference to my previous attempts at capturing these images I moved away from trying to capture a perfect copy of reality.

I did not plan it that way but I got annoyed with the automatic modes displaying the colours as either too bright or two pale. In an effort to correct my cameras bias I moved it to full manual. After some fiddling it proved as satisfying to alter reality by controlling apature and f-stop I was able twist the colour and light away from reality to something that starts to get closer to art.

I especially liked cutting down on the light in take for the effect of darkening the colours adding rich tones that I did not see with my eyes.

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Ien in the Kootenays said...

Fantastic. And Happy Birthday to She Who Must Not Be Blogged about.