Monday, November 17, 2008

Adventure Blogging

Nerd Reasons for getting a life.

It might happen to some people that they get a life simply so they can blog about it. For me having a life is quite independent of blogging as I was blogging before my life got as interesting as it is now. However an increases quality of life those increase content of post, or it would if the act of living did not take a way from both the time and desire to blog. This week I find my self in Vancouver staying in a big shinny hotel down town. Having spent much of the morning and early afternoon walking around doing very little shopping I found my self with tired legs and slightly sore feet time for a break.

I flew here from trail yesterday, an airport that I truly can enjoy, no fuss just give bags to counter wait a few minutes get on plane. The flight was a little over an hour the weather light clouds. Points of interest on the flight were for me the Dominican Radio Observatory and Mount Baker, the clouds put on a good show as well.

So enjoy part one of the big trip.

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