Friday, March 13, 2009

Random things

Greetings all 5 readers.

No real theme for this post. Mostly I took some good photos in the last day or two and want to share them. With the earlier daylight savings time shift we are now blessed with long bright evenings. It is also the time of year when the snow thanks to a freeze thaw cycle is hard and crusty able to hold my weight most of the time. Taking advantage of a sunny day I got some good shots in the woods.

I also took the best photo ever, well not really but it has its own greatness. It took some doing and little luck. I had seen the other night Orion hanging over the mountains with a nearly full moon lighting the sky. That got me in mind of photographing Orion. I know that if I did it on a night with the moon out that Orion would be washed out by the very bright moon. Last night the heavens worked in my favor. Orion was at the sweet spot just above the mountains and the moon was not yet up. I shot off the lights in the cabin, stet up my tripod, set my cameras ISO to 1600, very sensitive to light but grainy as all hell, I sent the shutter speed to 15 seconds which is as long as the G9 will let me. To get the best chance of a clear photo I put the camera on a ten second self timer to give the camera time to stop wobbling. I could not get the mountains in the background but the trees did make a good foreground. All in all it was a good shot. The second an third tries did not do as well as I tried to zoom in and use my telephoto lens, I lost the big picture and had too much wobble.

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Chani said...

He's wonderful (orion, that is) he has always been my fav...even before i knew it was orion...he was always just "the upside-down smiley face" to me when i was younger!!