Sunday, March 29, 2009

Go/No Go?

I am not one to miss out on a chance to take out my outdoor toys. So today I had the urge to take out Wessel my Kayak. From where I was situated it was a cool day but with not much wind. Cool weather with the right gear is no big deal. So I layered up and loaded up and headed off. I could not see the lake until I got close to it and when I did it was not as friendly as I had hoped.

Unfriendly Waters

By unfriendly I mean a solid wind blowing into the shore and large waves breaking. The shore at this point is a gravel beach with occasional boulders thrown in for good fun. WIthin meters of either side of where I was going to launch from were submerged boulders waiting to have my hull driven into them. The lake did not look any better farther out.

I gave up on launching from that point. I got it in my head to take a look at a few other launch points. I went to my old favour of Bayview estates, the snow pile was still blocking the way to the lake. The Nakusp boat launch was calmer but I could still feel the strong wind even if the waves were smaller. My last stop was the Arrow Park ferry, or rather the end of Rock island road, again the snow barred the way to the lake and I was stuck by how narrow the lake was at that point.

I had it in mind after I got back to the car as I was at Arrow Park to take some photos. To capture just how narrow things are at that point only to remember that I had left my memory chip for my camera in the house. My phone simply could not do the place good so I gave up and wend home.

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