Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Road trip

As part of my ongoing job search I decided to get out of the office. With a need to have a change of pase and went out and knocked on doors hoping to learn a little more about the state of the industry. The results are mixed, but I came away knowing more then I did when I left and know how I will want to aproach things differntly.

In this trip I went from Kamloops to Vernon I got lost in leaving Vernon, missing the turn drifting down to Eastside Road. A nice winding ribbon of pavement along the neary empty side of Okanagan Lake that hides behind the ridge above Winfield. Sadly the road did not connect with any of the other eastside roads or any road that crossed over the ridge. So I stopped and took a few picks.

Today on the way home I was first on the Needles Ferry. I has taken a nap by the spruce grove cafe and that cost me twenty minuets causing me to be late for the 3:15 boat. The Arrow lake was choppy and the boat docked at a odd angle unverving me slightly. But it did look neat as ramped lowered on the final aproach.

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