Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Phone Camera Finds

Yesterday at a moment when I should have been productive, like this moment here where I could also be taking more constructive action towards my goals, I cleaned out my phones memory of old photos. Here are a few gems.

Me playing Chef, recovered enough from having worked in fast food to ware that old apron again.

BC Place, by way of a a friend.

Saddle Mountain, Camera Phones don't have the optics to get the look right.

Our late Obo, with a peace of onion on his nose.

The Neighbors Cat, a friendly orange haired freak. Well He does have 6 toes.

A Fridge See Indiana Jones 4 for details.

A Tree in Vancouver having seen better days.

We may not be any more functional then any other family but unlike most we share our name with a brand of chocolate.

A Cheese Shop, and unlike its British kin actually has cheese but no John Clease

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