Monday, April 20, 2009

Road Trip Part 2

This was originally going to be the second half of the previous post but it is easier to start a new post then add to an old one. In road trip part one I loosely covered my travels from Kamloops to Penticton, a journey that includes Sex part three and Hoofing It. Here I am going to go east and north taking photos where I have never taken photos before, the East Kooteneys. This trip was a retreat to the Hotsprings at Fairmont with a few side trips to the Panorama resort and Radium.
I was saddened though pleased to learn that Radium is not radioactive. In this post you will see Big Horny Sheeps, ELKS!, no Moose, Snow falling down mountains and mountains.

The trip back from the hotsprings saw delays at Kooteney pass as they did some shelling to dislodge the snow pack. The detonation could be clearly felt a few Kilometers away. The delay was not long and the trip resumed without much delay. Though it is not easy to make out one can see signs of movement in some of the images, maybe.

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