Wednesday, April 22, 2009

And I shall Call it Newton

As the winter came to an end it became possible to drive the full length of the driveway allowing me to park closer to the cabin. I think in retrospect that I started making that drive too soon as I drove over too soft ground and carved some ruts. This morning I was using some of the sheared of sod from the last time that part of the drive way was plowed to fill in those ruts. In the act of lifting the largest of these clumps of earth I came a cross a little critter. One escaped my last attempt at photography. It escaped because I forgot to get my camera running away was not an issue. This time I picked up the salamander and felt like a little boy with the critter.

Though I am not a fan of over cast days it proved perfect for photographing the little critter, the flat light and lack of meaningful shadows played into my needs perfectly. I placed the little critter on an old moss covered rotting log, at just the right hight to make getting the camera to its level easy and well the results speak for themselves.

After I had enough photos to have gotten a few good ones out of the mix I let the little beasty free, I did not take it back to its old hollow but slipped it under the log it ran under it and was gone.

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chani said...

Newton is BEAUTIFUL!! how i miss the beasties of the wild...