Friday, May 14, 2010

C Food

Greetings Bloggies.

Well it has been a while since I have giving the three people in my audience something other then filler. Though some of the comments on the filler were positive.

So about ten days ago I took the time to join some class mates for a its almost over dinner. There was a Dine Out Vancouver promotion. Fancy places offered discounted meals to attract new clients. I accepted the invite and joined my friends at C Food. A up class place at the foot of Howe Street where it meets up with False creek.

Its hard to give the meal a just review. It was gourmet, not proper meals. As much about the exploration of texture as it is about being filling. To make it filling the staff kept us fed with a steady supply of bread. This made the meal filling not just tasty.

Like any truly great meal the food is not the start or the end of the occasion. A truly good meal is a product of the people it is eaten with. So tucked away in the wine cellar, even if it was up stairs, with 9 or so class mates and some friends or spouses I had a good meal. As a group we went through a hard fast paced program. We helped each other where we could and it was good. So here is to my first truly great meal since an era ended recently.

Followed up with a lemon cheese cake with fruit compote.

My meal was a salid with smoked trout.

Some form of very yummy glassed salmon with mixed vegetables and something called sea asparagus.

Others has a lamb shank and there was even a dish with Octopus bacon.

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