Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Glee: A Nothern lites Entertainment Report

Greetings Bloggies.

So it is time for an installment of my very infrequent Entertainment reports. I have just finished watching one of my favorite TV shows. Glee.

Now those of you who know me know I am more likely to watch science fiction or discovery channel. Those that know me better would know I have no love for High school culture and any thing that glorifies it. The last thing that most know about me is a general lack of interest in pop culture and the associated music. These trends make Glee an anomaly in my viewing habits.

So why glee. It came to me as a recommendation from a once good friend. Needing something to reset my brain during the fall semester I started to watch it regularly as fluff. The surreal musical numbers and lots of singing and dancing creates an appearance of fluff. Neither the show nor my self stayed in the same place. The show went away after the first 10 or episodes. It reappeared at a time when I had been as far from my normal happy middle ground as I had been in a long time. And brought characters in to parallel emotional spaces. On one occasion I concluded that I have to be the least manly man on campus, I was feeling a little down watching Glee and eating GOOD Chocolate.

So what do I get out of Glee. More all the time is the answer. For one thing I do like music, I just have tastes that are not up do date and find too much of the stuff on the air sounds like every thing else out there. So in that context Glee wins just for range of music choices. Music is not the core of what I get out of Glee. As I had said at first it was for fluff. Later the emotional depth of it was running parallel to my own and it brought both uncertainty and comfort, but its easy to bring out emotions I already have. Lately as I get distance from heart break and the range of emotions a break up can cause I have been finding Glee doing some things much more powerful.

Glee makes me feel things. Things out of the scope of my day to day. And Yes today I was rocking out to both there KISS covers and Lady Gaga covers. If there is one thing I have learned I need to do is to keep emotions closer to my day to day existence to keep them form swamping me when they get bigger. Some how a odd little show set in one of my least favorite times of life helps with that.

So Here is to the most emotionally complex show on my TV.


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