Monday, May 24, 2010


Greetings Bloggies.

I have been chewing on this post for a while, it started out life as a guild to going out for chinese food. Which in Vancouver is a complicated question and still worthy of a post. It has morphed into something more personal. After a 2.5 year relationship ended it occurred to me that I had no compelling reason to want to move back to the interior.

I have spent an amount of time going through the heart break that came with the territory and it sucked. My recovery started to run in parallel to a reduced work load from the program. As I went from 5 days of classes and 8 days of home work a week to 4 days of classes and 1 in the office, all the way down to full time in the office I started to have time to look around.

My practicum was in Kits just off of Burrard street. This lead to two routes home, both exposed me to the city, North walking over the Burrard street bridge to down town or strait east over Broadway. No mater how I cut it I saw a good sized slice of town.

Between the mountains the water the food and other, I admitted it I love this city.

The important thing of this is the choice. Not the choice to love vancouver, the choice to stay here not because I no longer have reason to move to the interior but because I wanted to for its own sake. Not because the jobs are here and it makes economic sense but because I have choices of how and where to spend my time after work.

In some ways this strikes me as a contrast to how I made my choices earlier in life. Looking back I am starting to think of my 20's as a period where I either acted on defaults or constraints. I took and kept what I could get because I had few choices. I made do and a chunk of honest hard work and thrift made it possible for me to afford to make the choice to stay in Vancouver.

I like this city and I will stay here not because I have to but because I want to. I have some work to do before I have a proper home in this town and there will be hick-ups along the way. Nothing a good pint at a local brew pub could not ease the pain of.


Ien in the Kootenays said...

Good space to be in!

Nienke said...

I can so relate. I like here too.