Sunday, January 9, 2011

How to have tea.

Greetings Bloggies.

And so it came to pass that I was walking along Commercial drive on Friday. A day of comfortable temperatures but unpredictable weather. I was approaching the northern end of the street, I had a mission, to get a pin. The pin reads,

I will not
I will not
I will not

It may not be as awesome as Lars's Campus Crusade For Cthulhu, but its cool non the less. I was just out side a bike shop, saying one or two words with one of the staff who was on the side walk as I was passing. At this time I was not going for walk out of the need for that, I had already filled that walking back from the tailors on Hastings earlier that day, I was off to get out of the house perhaps say Hi to people I know.

I got distracted by the passage of a Tom Holt book. Thanks to the slightly sane nature of my personality I decided to start a conversation about the book or at least the author not having read that book specifically. For those who do not know Tom Holt is a english comic writer, I once described him as methadone for Pratchett addicts. If you enjoy Terry Pratchett or Christopher Moore you should like Tom Holt.

So, a conversation was started. The specifics do not matter but generally nerdy. Our collective direction of travel was the same for that moment. I picked up my pin and ran out of plans for the afternoon.

I accepted an invitation for tea, which resulted in the day having about twice and eventually three times as much walking as usual. Tea involved a long walk to a location recall being close to the Adanac bike route and very close to the freight terminal. The tea was had in a very lived in apartment with a pile of books on the hall way floor, including, at least three of the trilogy in 6 parts, other wise known as the Hitch Hikers Guild to the Galaxy, Making Money Terry Pratchett, and some scifi story collections. Facing the books was a large collection of teas. Greeting any human entering were basement cat and fluffy basement cat. Two pretty black cats of social and vocal characters.

Now it should be noted that this is a post about how to have tea not how to make tea. For all of the interesting talk, I can not accept the method tea brewing that was employed. One does not make tea by inserting a cup of water with the bag in it into the micro wave. This failure was allowed to pass after my host's cats decided I was a favorable piece of furniture. Also any one who claims, though I lack an proof, to have a friend who head of Security at CERN is cool.

The tea ran out the cats got bored and other things needed done. So an other Kilometer or two was added to my marching that day as the path was retraced thought apocalyptic skies and gusts of wind.

Later on I walked 75% of that distance to see Sunday's Best play. Their show at the Prophouse Cafe rocked. I had missed 4 or 5 of there last shows and hated my self for it. I did not have tea at the Prophouse but did approve of the brewing method. The loose leaf tea was steeped in a conical vessel which when placed on teapot drained into the pot, no mess, and no need for overly bitter overly steeped tea.


Ien in the Kootenays said...

Love the new look of your blog. Which template do you use? Are you SURE this person has a boyfriend? She definitely sounds like a kindred spirit.

Alexander said...

I just changed the back ground image. Also mother, this is an open forum and said person is on my facebook. Also there are more nerds square Km in vancouver then other places I have lived so there will be others and more after that.