Sunday, January 16, 2011


For those you who follow me on Facebook you know that I have stated that I have agree to take a job. The job will be doing what I have done lots of, looking at rock. It is not the perfect job. I find the specific actions of that work boring. I had to take it.

My motivation and progress in getting work an other field was terrible. My funds will start being very low by late next month and well I did not have other leads. The best lead I did have fell through when I got out competed.

As I said before I intend to keep the process of moving forward to different career options moving. I know this will not satisfy as is. The mistakes made a few years ago are learned from. I know better not to focus less on the later. That was some thing I did too much of when I was with Tyhee. This time I have short term material goals. Yes I am using stuff as a motivation for work you need something to push you through the days. I also have more friends and I will miss seeing them as often as I like but I also know I will have people to come back to.

It may not be my favorite world but its a living. I will try to have good photos and stories to share when I come back.

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