Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A possible plan


Non of this is certain and it is not the best of out comes but I might have to face not taking the best in favor of not ending up with the worst. On Thursday I have a meeting with a geologist for a company that might see me working in the Yukon and or Northern BC. I know 2010 saw me have some seriously negative reactions to some field work but There is a need for money. I have extra motivations these days.

On several fronts I am needing work more then the ideal job, firstly I am bored, I see too little of other people on the day today. Yes I have a good social life, the quality of the interactions is high the frequency is low. The low quality of work chatter, might help me form going bat shit crazy. Other motivations, I need a new computer. My Mac book's age is now no longer in doubt, the battery did a balloon impression and has started to be more of a chemical weapon then a power cell. A new battery may be much cheaper then replacing this computer in full, it is also throwing money into old hardware that I feel is not money well spent. At 4 years old its had a longer then average run for a lap top and might still find life as a extra computer. To round of the crass materialism is the desire for a new higher performance bike a new camera and a smart phone.

So on thursday I am going to do what I can to land that job. Hopefully land rotations short enough to not ware out my person, and with even more luck not miss the Jonathan Coulton concert on Feb 18. One of the things I am aiming to do different is to simply ask, what can I do or get involved in to go beyond core logging.
If there is no help offered in changing the content of the work, then I top up my coffers and do as few contracts as I can while focusing more energy on other lines of work. If the answer is yes well I don't know what happens then.

One thing that will remain constant, I will keep my eyes open for other work. I will continue to work the contact to sex up my resume. I still feel a little trapped working in exploration, a field I stumbled into and can't seem to stumble out of.

I have to admit I saw some value to the work as I sat in a pub telling folks of my first job out of school with a giant helicopter warming up in Yellow Knife. But Damn I am also a home body who dislikes overly long periods away form things, and misses his own cooking and the freedoms of the outside world.

An Mi 26, A flying machine that I saw on my first day ever in Yellow Knife. Its the one flying, the one hanging from the string is a Boeing Chinook.


Ien in the Kootenays said...

Go get them! I like your proposition. Be honest with them, and negotiate. If all they need is a core logger, I wonder if you can explain to them that you can do that, can do it well, but NOT for longer than...whatever the maximum number of days is. I also wonder if it is possible to negotiate a day of rest in camp during a long rotation. In tetrospect, 6 weeks is bloody nuts. Even from the point of view of the employer, productivity might go UP with a rested workforce. Imagine a 3 or even 4 week rotation with one day off in the middle, totally different.

Ien in the Kootenays said...