Friday, February 25, 2011

how to make me grumpy

Greetings Bloggies.

So two more working days before I head home for 10.  I have a fun things to go to and I will eat and drink good.  I am coming home on an optimistic note as I got an email from a person who was trying to contact me about a GIS job.  It was from an HR firm so I don't know much of any thing beyond interest in my resume.  And I will apply for jobs when I am back in town.  I still seek a desk job that will let me come home at the end of the day.  I need a life that will let me keep cats.

All that is divergent from what I came here.  So as I have described the need to report on the daily out put of the drills in a post shift orgy of rock looking. Yesterday was not any different. I knew the drillers had dropped off a stack in mid afternoon so it was known that we could do the log in part at any time after.  That day was a tiring one for me.   I think I moved a lot of core boxes.

So I was tired and I had just eaten a large starchy dinner. I did what any person would do. Put my feet up and veg for a few and get some strength up, also a chance to use the facilities, something that generally clears up ones mood.  I was foiled by the appearance of my roommate who I shall call Eager Young Space Cadet, who knew that the core was waiting for us and wanted to rush off too it.

Now I am in general in favor of ending my working days sooner rather then later, that said, when I am tired and trying to recharge my batteries rushing will not get me moving faster.  So I found my self agreeing to go out to do this last errand of the day half an hour sooner then my body wanted.  Now Eager Young Space Cadet can fray my nerves from just miss alined personalities, He is a good young fellow.  A point that we clash on is I see this as a job, a means to some specific ends with my long term goal being as noted above.

So I am up at the site tired and grumpy faced with a young and ernest fellow who really gives a damn, gives more damns then I likely ever did about this industry. And when I am faced with that situation I get grumpier.   And for all that rushing to get out there, the job took longer then it normally did.   I really got extra grumpy, when a coworker came and hug out in our room at a time I was wanting to chill and I had forgotten my head phones at the shop.   I got driven to near madness with his chewing on his finger nails at the time I was wanting to read and go to sleep, chewing loudly.

This morning I woke to the sound of his 6am alarm, an though oh great that time already. Morning passed in its normal haze.  The default friction slipped into to the way of things as we got in each other space, or I should say he got in mine. I got snappy, after we got a strong  critique for wrongness.  We were wrong.  I got snappy saying see what happens when you rush me out of my slump.  To which a comment about long hard days are normal and I should grow up.

I grew up last summer when I realized living for the now is more important.  Hard work is needed but is not the goal of life. Chill people.  Drink with your friends or if you cant find your friends drink with BOB.  

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