Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Well here I am

Hi all.
I made it here fine.  I am once again in the Canadian work Gulag.  Long days and damn it you are expected to like it.  Well I will try.  I still want back home to Van.

I need to land me a office job.  I will be watching the net closely for leads in that direction.  I will also try damn hard to steer this job into a good direction for me.  More then one option is whats needed.

This job will start at 7am an end when it will end.  Now why is that.  That is because we believe we should live a fast paced lifestyle so we can make money quick to buy things made over seas.  For me at this job, this facility creates copper concentrate which gets shipped over to asia to be made into things.  Because we want to buy lots of things asia demands lots of our copper there for people like my have to work faster and harder then we would like.

People slow down relax don't by the next newest toy right away, I want to have a more relaxed job, I can't have that here if every one is rushing around buying crap

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