Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Chills no Thrills

A Short Sharp ShockA Short Sharp Shock.

Summer is over. As of the start of August a cold windy and cloudy weather system has moved in. I am working on the screened porch and the wind has been cutting through me and chilling me. I don't know how much longer the porch will be a good working space but its a time measured in weeks.

Its the wind I hate wind. It blows around my papers causing a pissed off state in me. With the wind and cold weather its feeling like September. Of coarse I had to go shave my head when I was down south so now I am loosing even more heat to the wind.

This base level of frustration leads me to an old favourate quote. "Captain I must protest. I am not a merry man."

If you don't get I won't explain it.

Thats all for now


Lizard Queen said...

You must be pissed, you double posted. I, on the otherhand, have just planted my fall garden; wish me luck. Yes, I am taunting you, although perhaps your brain Klingon will prevent you from appreciating what I intend as humor. Make yourself happy, go build a simpsons avatar.

Alexander said...

I admit I a dumb I did not notice the double posting. What mush have happed is I hit ctrl C twice when I was moving it over from text editor. I will make my self happy once I am over this cold