Monday, August 13, 2007

A Rant

As always happens the posts I plan in my off time either do not get writen or get writen well into my next work cycle. So here I am at work again and writing about my last brake.

The story starts and ends in a bar. I had flown in to Kelowna latter then normal due to flying the last leg of the flight with West Jet, which cost me the time savings I get from the 3pm Air Canada out of Yellow Knife. After checking in to a hotel, I was too tired to even think of driving any where, ignoring the fact that I could not make it to Serenity until morning, I went to a bar. Its a basic place but it sells food that goes good with beer and beer tastes really good after six weeks without. I sat at the bar half watching the over head TV. I am not a huge fan of TVs in bars but it was a slow evening and the tv was there. My favourate network was on at that time, the Speed network. The show was a mix of porcine men, T&A eye candy and machine parts, par for the coarse on that channle. And I got anoyed, not at the eye candy, or even the porcine grease suckers working on the vehicals, no I got anoyed at the technology in our cars.

It pissed me off that the state of the art appeared to be a reciprocating piston engine with a purely mechanical drive train. Technology that has been around for more then a century. This lead me down a new track, Hack My Ride.

Hack my Ride, the TV show, its goal to add sex appeal to Hybrid and electric cars. Rather then have greasy red neck types play with wrenches we could have nerds working on 21st century cars with comuputers and soft where fixes to boost the performance of the cars. Of coarse there would still be the eye candy it is still a car show.

Its time new tech gets the spot light, bonous points for any team that can make a Prius look sexy.

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