Thursday, August 2, 2007

Smoke on the water

I am back at work. I have a handful of posts about or inspired by events during my brake, but I was too occupied to take the time to write them. This will be the shortest of the lot as I am tired from the long trip to work.

I left Nakusp at a good time. A good time for me that is, the power went out about 10am and stayed off. I had a pet theory that it was the neighbors fault as trees were heard being chewed by a chain saw and a bad fall could have hit the power lines. This was proven wrong by the simple fact that the power went out too later after I heard a tree fall. I did not investigate this any more until I had driven into town to get gas for my drive to Kelowna.

The gas station attached to the Nappa shop informed me that a forest fire had taken out a transformer and the power was out as far as Silverton, roughly 45Km to the East. So this was indeed a good time to leave town. I stopped in Cherryvill for gas it was the first place I was sure had power and for once the station was busy.

I did snap some photos taking the ferry to Needles. I have to add that I do not know if this is the fire that took out that transformer but it its dangerously close to the Watchan lake power house that does supply alot of power to the area. The concreat structure is just visible in high zoom in the photos.

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