Sunday, August 19, 2007

Northern Lites Entertainment Report II

What the Frack have I been doing to keem myself amused out here.
1: Watching canned TV. I have taken to buy DVD's of TV shows to watch in place of the sports on the common TV. The latest Crop is nerdy and all Sci Fi, Season 1 of Battlestar Galactia and season 2 of Babylon 5.

2: Audio entertainment. I have increasingly become a junkie for audio books and short stories. Of the newer additions is Escape Pod, a pod cast that reminds me of a science fiction anthology, but with perhapps a better sence of humour. Some what to my suprise I have developed a liking of horror and suspence. My current favourate is Phil Rossi's Crescent. I am also working my way through Scott Sigler's library. There are a few more I have listed to and more will be added no doubt as I work through the back episodes.

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