Saturday, August 15, 2009

More Vancouver

Greetings Bloggies

Today I went exploring. I got a day pass on translink and just went where I wished. I headed to waterfront station where on a whim I took the sea bus to North Van. Having seen a sign for the Capilano Suspension bridge, an ad that clearly named the needed bus I figured that would be a thing to do. I got as far as standing in line but when overhearing some others mention the cost of admission I said the hell with it. I skipped out of line and got on the bus I had just left, it having finished its loop

I had a better time once I got back to down town. It turned out that this was every thing happening at once day. I missed the best of the happenings. So here is a listing of the things that were happening, on my quest to find a beach and track down a specific eatery I, first came a cross 1 zombie, several annoying packs of pink shirts, people on the run for the cure. Later I would find out I could not get away from those pink shirts.

I took the bus to Kitsalano, and walked away from the pink horde which had followed me that way. I worked my way to 4th where I knew some good places. I made the turn on to the avenue and was greeted with loudness. It turns out today or this weekend was there '60's revival day. Bands were playing generally good music on sever stages along the road which was blocked off for quite a few blocks. I walked took some photos of the classic cars and found the eatery.

The eatery Sophie's Cosmic Cafe, was packed but then nothing with food was slow at that point. It being 2pm and I not having eaten since a late breakfast did not hesitate to order a large rich meal. The Oyster burger was filling, and the pint of Dead Frog Honey Ale topped me up the rest of the way. I have felt hungry since.

I walked through the rest of the street party and headed up and over to where I know the beaches would be. It was a pleasant walk along the Point Grey for shore. I nibbled a few black berries, waded in the surf but did not swim. I stopped and read for a while before heading to Granville island. Where I could take the ferry for I did not feel like looping out to get on the Borrard or Granville St bridges.

Lastly as I approached down town again I started to see more zombies, and well I did not start looking for a Cricket bat I was getting confused. As I took the last leg of the voyage home, the skytrain M Line from Broadway to Lougheed, I met some Zombies. It turns out today was the somethings annual Zombie walk. And I had missed it, some where need 3000 zombies took to the streets and I missed it. Thankfully the zombies are not trying to raise money for any thing, Raising the dead well thats a different matter.

Bits about the photos below. There was a Viking Long boat out in the waters, it had come to steal our Spam.

I liked the railing next to to my table the divider was held up of old Coke bottles.

I liked the cruse ship it had interesting pods mounted on the upper most area of the supper structure.

Some random black berries and flowers.

A plant near Granville island that looks for all the world like decorative Devils Club.

The Vertigo inducing escalator at Granville skytrain station which is Ironically under ground

And a Gull that looks like its drinking form the juice box.

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Ien in the Kootenays said...

We saw that Viking ship on English bay this Saturday. It is an amazing city. And as you know, I have never understood the link between some people running and other people donating money for a good cause. We could start an anti-pink ribbon movement.