Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Vancouver Day 4,

Greetings Bloggies

I am in Vancouver right now. This is my prelude to the longer stay starting next month when I will be actively in the GIS program. This visit is both a favor and a business venture. The goal of this trip is to meet up with firms that have active GIS departments and areas of operations that are of interest to me.

Without going into specifics I have had a few solid visits and a dialog has been started that is strongly heading where I might want things to go.

I also found out just after I thought it my self, that my camera and sun glasses are in the car I rode down here in. Its no big but a bit of a pain.

In other news the cats which I am here to keep alive and happy are , certainly alive, happy is hard to tell. The one is constantly whining and speaks in a tone that makes you think you have offended her. The other is well, shy.

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