Friday, August 14, 2009

Vancouver Continued

Greetings Bloggies.

Well I am still in Vancouver, its rained some more. It gets muggy here but at least its been cool at night. I have some random tidbits to go over.

I went to the BCIT campus where I will be studying and living for the better part of the next year. The place looks functional, its drab grey cement buildings. It lacks any real charm, but its not for a long time. It needs to the job and I have to do mine and I am determined to get the good out comes.

Also I was down town after having had a productive meeting with a firm. I went for a good walk, and visited what if I had more money could be a favourate store, Leo's camera ect, on Granville street, where after looking a reasonably priced cameras, and gaining some more information, have opened my self up to considering some other brands, beyond Nikon and Canon, when it comes to my eventual DSL buy. Just out side the door and being photographed by some tourists was this odd creation. Some old wreck of a bike with small gas engine grafted on. I am sure it was breaking 3 bilaws at once just by existing.

And lastly earlier on the same walk a nice slice of city scape near the shore of False Creek, roughly opposite Granville island.

Caprica City Before the fall

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ien in the kootenays said...

Guess what: Bikes like that used to be fairly common in Holland in the early fifties. They had an egg-like little engine on them, but were nowhere as sleek as a real moped. Now I will have to waste time googling "solex'.