Monday, August 17, 2009

Vancouver Week 2

Greetings Bloggies

An other adventure of sorts. After missing a bus on friday trying to get to a near by movie theatre to go see District 9, I went and got me self out to see it last night. It turned out the theatre I was trying to reach while is physically closer to where I am currently staying is actually harder to get to then one that was farther away. This is due to to the fact I can get to the huge metro town complex on one Skytrain, where as the closer Coquitlam theatre needs a buss that runs less often then the train.

I get to metro town, I know it was big but I did not stop and find out how big. It is a mall built at the root of an tower complex, the mall has three stories and feels like it is 1km by 1km. I must have arrived at both closing time for the shops and the ending of a movie because there was no room to move in the crowd. I got my ticket early, but wandered the mostly closed mall looking for some where to get a cool drink before finding the Chapters and its associated starbucks. That killed a little time.

When I did check into the movie house, it was packed, it was about 10 to 7 and the movie started at 25, only seats nearest the front were free. If I had not finished the book I was reading earlier that evening I could have had a better seat and just read while waiting. As it was it was still a good movie watching experience.

In this day and age, it seems rare to go to a theatre and have every one watching the film, this was the exceptional time, I heard virtually no chatter, and seemingly no cell phones went off. I can't say if people were texting or not, because 90% of the house was behind me. Being that close made it hard to see all of the screen at once, with the subtitles at times that was a pain. The film was good, perhaps not as revolutionary as some of the hype made it out to be. It did a good job on moral grey areas, there were some big jumps in film style as I think Peter Jackson wanted to have a bigger hand in how it felt then perhaps he should.

Prior to the film I checked out the Dinosaur displays, I had seen adds for it on the trains or at skytrain stations. My favorate was the T-Rex model standing ontop of the sign on the floor saying Food Court.

Them Bones Them Bones
Them Dry Bones

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