Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Days Work


I know I have a larger agenda to be working towards but as I get irritated with life when I produce nothing. As part of a project that has been on the books for much of winter and as a healthy thing to do. With a little cleverness some hard work and scrap wood I built a hand full of squared off raised beds for mothers gardens. They lack the seaming invincibility of the bolted together galvinazed steel beds I have seen at one goat ridden hill side plot to the south of here. Building something by means of scrap wood and hammer and nails has its troubles. Non of the wood scraps are the same length and slabs of smaller scraps of wood were needed to link the main planks. It was in linking up some irregular scraps that I managed to bang my thumb.

It was a rather silly way to bang my thumb, I was holding two planks together with my left hand and banging a nail with the right. I told my self don't hit my thumb don't hit my thumb. That worked the first time I swung the hammer and the second time the full force of my swing missed the nail and met up with my thumb. My hand was fairly far away from the nail, I must have had my thumb on my mind. It hurt. I am not one to cry about all the little hurts and bangs scrapes. This is both above average and photogenic. I did not know my body could produce that colour of blue. I banged it yesterday and it still smarts today. I feel crippled, how am I going to hit space bar and ctrl.

Sore thumbs, they stick out because you don't want them sticking in any thing. though I would have to say that a blue to purple thumb would stand out, if you could find a crowd of thumbs.

I should also say that the costumer is pleased with the produced.


chani said...

ooooo, what a beautiful colour you have produced!!

afeminista said...

hey you! are you for hire? since i pulled my muscle in my rib i can't get *anything* done -- i could really use some help - i make a mean muffin but you could definitely beat me in the bread department

Alexander said...

Yes, but only if you ask really nicely.

Ien in the Kootenays said...

The 'customer' is hugely grateful. It is so nice to have help. There may be hope for this land yet.

Ien in the Kootenays said...

< I told my self don't hit my thumb don't hit my thumb. >

Didn't you know that the subconscious does not do negatives? It is really stupid, sort of like a computer. You were programming yourself for hitting your thumb.