Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The List

Greetings Again Bloggies.

There is a Spurious belief that I speak with an accent. I know that I do not speak with an accent, how people hear is an entirely different mater. In my experience there has been an effort made my many people meeting me for the first time to fit me with an accent, and assign it to a geographic local. Today I received yet another wrong guess, as I was stopping for a snack at the Frog Peak Caffe in Slocan valley. So for fun I will try to catalog the list of. So Here it is the accents I don't have but have been guessed.

New Zealand
South African
Maritimes, that was freshly guessed today.

There may be others, odder rarer guesses but memory fails as it often does.


Anonymous said...

I would not want to challenge your very legitimate perception of your reality too strongly, fellow, but guess number five on your list has a ring of truth to it.

And I think you should invent names to go with each of the incorrectly accent identifications...

afeminista said...

I absolutely *love* the Maritimes suggestion - although it is dead wrong.

Amazing how delusional one can be!

Alexander said...

There is no ring of truth to the 5th item on the list. The word you are looking for is truthyness, from Stephan Colbert, meaning, something you want to be true regardless of the evidence, I have a dutch accent like Iraq has wmd's.

Ien in the Kootenays said...

Upon returning home from his first day at play school, 3-year old Sander (now Alex) said:"Die kindertjes kunnen niet praten!"
Dutch for: those children cannot talk!

Previously concerted efforts had been made to get him exposed to the English language by frequent playdates with Channy. Alas, they resulted in Channy picking up Dutch.

The Dutch uncle (a real one) said: he doesn't have an accent, he has a mild speech defect.

If so, it doesn't seem to get in the way much.

Now for the real question: will this comment be censored?

Chani said...

Ha ha ha, too bad i dont remember any of that dutch that i picked up!! oh sander, you must face the truth, having grown up with two dutch parents it is only natural that you would say some words with a dutch accent...i'm not saying you have a full blown accent...but some words do have a hint!! we love ya even if you do talk funny!!! ha ha ha!!