Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Optics OOPDate

Greetings bloggies

Having just returned from a trip to Nelson and a stay at an undisclosed location, I have tried to boot up my G9. It has spent the last several days in a bath of cheap white rice. Rice was recommended to me as a medium which could dry out the machine with out the corrosive effects of salt. Believing that the G9 had dried out enough to be bootable I popped in a spare battery. It did power up, partly, but only basic options came online, the critical event failed to happen, the lens did not extend. I fear that the motor driving lens is dead. Other signs point to its being Dead Dead, and it will not recover like Wesley, under the care of Billy Crystal. Its death is illuminated by the failure of it to reboot after I removed the battery and reinserted it. Th battery also showed that there might be some warping in the body of the camera, as the battery failed to pop out cleanly as it should have.

I am also not pleased by the slow production on my glasses, my trip to Nelson stems from my need to get new glasses, quickly. Had I not lost my non sunglasses, I would have held off getting new optics as I had no need, and could have waited for a pair to arrive by means of the internets discount options.

The New Glasses, via my comps web cam

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