Sunday, May 31, 2009

News Flash

This news may in fact be a week old but still.

After some waiting I got a letter it said that I got into BCIT's Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Advanced diploma program. YAY me. This is a bit of a kick in the pants, now I have till the end of August to learn some programing theory and build the contacts I need to make the best of the Coop elements of the program. On top of that I have to find the money to make that work and find a place in Burnaby to stay for the 9 months of the program. At the end of it I will have a solid technical skill set to add to my Earth Science back ground and tools that will allow me to get into jobs where living in camp needs not be my main means.

I have had a long 6-8 months of stagnation, Now I have 3 months to get a lot of thing in order. Now I know they are really an ordinary amount of things that need to be done but I have been doing too little for so long that it feels like lots.

Now it has been reported to me that a reader was threatening to not follow this blog if I don't get a new camera, well I am sorry to say but you may have to stop following for some time. I can not get a camera with less control then my old G9 had and I can not afford the camera that would be a real replacement. My current candidate camera is the Canon Rebel EXsi or some thing like that. The body plus 2 lens as a kit runs about $1000. I want but can not have. It is now a goal a longer term one to gain employment so I can get this camera or one like it and the lens of my choice without as the case will be as I face moving to the coast having to be restricted in spending. As was also pointed out on a recent trip I can not eat a camera.

Also if any bloggies out there know of any other interesting cameras I would like to know. My knowledge of Digital SLR's is weak and I have much to learn before I can start playing with the big guns.

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chani said...

congrats on getting into school!!