Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Food Exploration

I have been taking advantage of having the house largely to my self the last two days and have started to play with my food. Yesterday I managed to make a yummy cheese sauce from memory and got it right. Today I took a bigger project. I tried and I would like to thing managed to make bread. I got a recipe for some buns from a friend which I tired but when the batch of dough proved to dry to work with I knew I had buggered it up. I had taken two tries at getting the ingredients right but the yeast did not take and I just plain messed up. No Tash i am not blaming your recipe it was user error. After that first failure I started again from the James Barber book and was able to get results. The dough rose.

The recipe had all sorts of time lines to follow and I never got out a clock so there was some guess work. I was not sure if it was rising at first but I gave it some more time and at some point it looked bigger then it started and I was on the right track. I took it out of the bowl to kneed it again and it felt so warm and a live, I had turned the oven on to warm to keep the dough warm enough. I had to let the dough rise in the oven I did not trust the house to be warm enough as a hole to work for the bread making process. So here are a few visual highlights of the process. Because this was a very hands on and messy process I did not take many photos.

Its nearly fluffy and tender. No dwarf Bread here


afeminista said...

YUM!! But the true test comes when you crack those babies open -- share! share! share!

chani said...

Mmmm, looks tastey!!! good job sander.