Friday, July 3, 2009


Greetings Bloggies and a happy Canada day though a little late.

So I I had the chance to spend Canada day with some very nice people. Those nice people and their fabulous dog Boomer took me with them on a little mountain adventure. We took a road on to a large chunk of private nature with all the papers needed to say we were allowed in there. Thanks to the newness of jeep used in this adventure every ones bladder remained calm. The dog showed the most visible enjoyment of the trip. Sticking his head out the window for much of the drive

We passed more then one slide several areas where the shade and altitude had protected the snow. The slide had only recently been cleared from the road and in one spot had shot part way out of a stream gully. Several white tail and mule deer and one bear was spotted only the mule deer made it on to the camera. It is a testament to the company I was in that I had learned to tell the difference between white tail and mule deer, perhaps in the future I will tell the difference between them when they are in a pot too.

There are plenty of pretty mountain pictures I will through in a few for sport.

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chani said...

AAAAAW, i miss boomer. and as for the white tail and mule deer, as long as they are IN the pot it's all good. Mmmmm!!