Saturday, July 4, 2009

More Adventures

Greetings Again Bloggies

A week ago today I had the chance to visit Nelson after that visit I had the choice to take a different route back to Nakusp. Rather then the default of heading up the Slocan valley I headed north north east. First to Kaslo intending to head back over the summit separating that town from New Denver. This remained my plan until it was brought to my attention that it would be cool to visit the Duncan Dam which I have not seen in years. Thats its own story. So the detour was made. The dam was there, my camera was believed to be absent at that moment.

Lardo River Lunch Stop

The original plan of heading back to Kaslo was abandoned with the thought that no time would be saved by going back the way we came which was a longer trip then I had thought it would be. The round about way was taken. High way 31 north was taken parallel to the Lardo river and after the river ended up along the side of trout lake.

Trout Lake where the Lardo River starts. 180 degrees from there and you are looking at the river

The other side of Bridge and the river

I discovered my camera some where after the half way point of this detour tucked away in a bag where I had stowed some food stuffs. The food brake was had on a pull over at the edge of the river next to an out crop that had some medium grained metamorphic rocks that resembled the geology near Gold Stream to the north of there. The plants also started to be mores similar but for different reasons.

The Old Trout Lake Gas Station

Sever animals were spotted on that trip, A few Mule deer, one of which was young buck with two prongs, a grouse hen and chick, the chick had learned to fly and was still fluffy. The mother was playing dumb. A bear was spotted as we left Trout Lake and headed towards the Galena bay ferry, I have a photo of where the bear was. It was a big fellow.

A different bridge for fun

The trip took longer then it suggested, but with the views being that good and my suspension and clearance not being very tough or very high respectively slow was good.


Ien in the Kootenays said...

Gorgeous pictures, even with the old camera. We drove that loop on the Thanksgiving weekend of 1970, in search of LAND. Have never been back through Gerard since, time for a repeat!

Alexander said...

Go and take the boy