Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Birth Day

This post is a week old

Or Rather covers events that happened a week ago but I have bee so very busy adventuring to get new content that I have not had the chance to share said content.

So as many of you know a week ago today was my 30th birth day. I am now officially old and have to act responsibly, I have not yet had to turn my head and cough. It turned into a better day then was planned. I did not have much expectations, after having a very good prebirthday get away I figured that was it for the fun. I was wrong. Thanks to the visiting family, now based out of Calgary rather then some far off land we had people to enjoy the occasion with. With the presence of young children a birth day could not be ignored.

So the day starts with my receiving a heavy box. It has in it an interesting gadget, a manual pasta maker. A beautiful italian made beast in stainless steel and exotic alloys in the rollers and pasta cutters. It has been some time since I have gotten a gift that so accurately reflects my interests, which strongly include food. Food + Gadget is better then either by them selves.

Later that day we headed to the beach. We assembled the HoutFleet (two canoes and my kayak Wessel) on the shores of the Arrow lakes at Madonald Creek south of town. During the corse of the day I was able to play with the before mentioned kids as well as explore some of the lake. I had a great little trip to a inlet on west side of the lake that has remained too far out of reach.

We started to leave the beach as the weather turned, a wind blow in from the north west bringing up white caps. I has the bright idea of well since there are others here at the beach I will take a little more risk. This was waves that I would not normally play in but I could stay close to shore and all I wanted was to get a feel for things. I got the feel and some more.
I was not able to test the idea that its possible to surf with a Kayak but I got close. Then I got thrown from the boat.

It should be pointed out that when I headed off into does waves that I deliberately did not put my spray skirt on. I know that would leave the boat open to flooding, which I did get some of. There was greater reason for my not waring it. As I had said the seas were rough. I wanted out and out fast. Rolling was a real possibility, it did happen, but with out the skirt on I did not end up upside down, I bailed out sideways and was able to swim to shore towing the upside down boat with me.

It was interesting.

That was not the end of the birthday. It was capped off with the surprise cake, in chocolate, and a vigorous singing of happy birthday.

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Ien in the kootenays said...

Glad the gift was such a hit!Buying gifts for young males, or any males for that matter, is not easy. I claim credit for the phot of Alex in the kayak in the waves.