Sunday, July 12, 2009

Downie and Fluffy

Greetings Bloggies

I have an a glut of photos to share with you all and a few stories to share. Some specifics will be censored.
I went away for my this weekend. It was an idea brought fort as away of observing my 30th birthday which is on tuesday. So a road trip was had. The trip went up to Revolstoke where two nights were spent. The first day started with a home cooked meal here before heading up the lake/hydrologicresuvare/river. That leg of the trip ended with out much done. I did discover that I had passed by that place before on my way back home from my job at Gold stream 5 or 6 years ago.

My Gold stream summer did influence our choice of detour. Though going for a hike was on the table the idea of a drive took hold first. This went as far north as the Downie loop which was beautiful and full of RV's. RV's tucked in every where. Not bad for a section of landscape that has no services.

Lunch was had at a nice bakery with the soup winning points for presentation.
Other adventures were had. The hike was given up on when the trail head proved tricky to find and the heat made swimming a more sensible thing. Revolstoke has a little mucky puddle for a swimming hole but it was a good break from the heat of the day.

That day was wrapped up with one of the best meals in along time. Its too bad I did not order it. But the Three cheese ravioli with beef in wine sauce was MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. Excellent. I was surprised to find an eatery of that quality in a town of that size and even more surprised at just how good it was. It happens rarely but one can get blissed out on food. If you are in Revlostoke visit the Woosely Creek Cafe. Don't think about the price you can get lesser meals at greater cost in lots of places.

A walk was had to try to burn off some of that yummyness along the shores of illisilluit river near where it joins the Columbia. Very nice.

I nearly forgot to say why the second part of the title is Fluffy. Though I know that town is famous for snow I did not expect it to snow when we were there. No we did not have any odd weather but the cotton wood fluff was so extensive that in some places it formed drifts.

The Mouth of the Jordan River where it meets the Columbia.

Wild Cherries. Not sure if escaped argricultural or choke cherries.

Below, The Columbia Bridge, The Dam and the Downie Creek

I had worked just up steam of here on a job when I was a student so it was good to go back and revisit that area.

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