Saturday, August 2, 2008

Albertan Albertan

There is a well known problem on BC roads in the summer. It arrives some time in late may and thins out in late august. Its Red menace that slips across our long and unprotected boarder unchecked. Every year thousands of red on white license plates bearing the signature of wild rose country migrate west. I am uncertain for the motives of these creatures, perhaps its like Salmon, they swim up stream to to spawn. I have not attempted to assess if this is a spawning habit, but it can be seen that they have more akin to Atlantic salmon in that they do manage to return to their homeland after there mountain voyage. This odd creature is the tourist from Alberta.

I found my self suck behind then on a few occasions on my vactation, each time I was faced with the same pattern, common to many native BCer's. The Albertan will fly over any straight stretch of road well over the the speed limit. Unfortunately for them straight roads in BC are slightly more common then math genius supper models and they will be forced to brake. They will then go through the corner slower then needed and regain their speed on the next straight stretch. The net result of the pattern is that it is hard to pass them and annoying to behind them as you are unable to drive the road according to the conditions but according to the Albertan instead.

This inspired a silly rhyme

Albertan Albertan, why'd you come out west
You Can't drive our straightest roads even at your best
Albertan Albertan is driving in the mountains some kind of test
So you can come home and tell your buddies that your are the best.

No actual photos of Albertans driving, the best time to get a photo of them is the worst moment to try to take a shot, on a zig or or a zag on a mountain road.

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