Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Evenings Entertainment

The warrior got his send off out into the lake for a short trip before being attacked by a fish. Inspired by that vessels success I put forward the idea of taking one of the real boats for a spin. It was on my mind for the last few weeks that we should take a boat on to the lake but the weather was too cold and rainy to make that make work.
I had not in all of my nearly 2.5 years here made it out on to that larger lake. Some how when ever any one headed out on to the lake it happened when I was elsewhere. So I missed opportunities by only knowing of them after the fact.

Jakeway, which is not how it is spelt is one of the larger lakes around here and one of the few to have a long axis that runs east west more then north south. So we took the boat roughly east past some islands to a pair of islands hosting some cabins. The sky was interesting but proved too interesting. We had a comfortable trip out but the storm met us some where past half way and we got a little chilled and a little wet but no worse for ware.

Here then is a selection of the boat trip

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