Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Proper Send off

The Fallen

This is perhaps the first case of a premeditated act to produce a blog post.
The back story the other day I was blind. Okey my hand lens was fogged up some water worked its way between the lenses. It made seeing some of the finer details harder. I went looking for a spare. I failed to fined one even in the currently empty spare core shack. I did find a fallen warrior instead. I fixed the hand lens by storing it in a back of desicant, over night which sucked the water out of it.

The fallen warrior was a dragonfly. Some how it had worked its way into the spare core shack and failed to find its way out, it was a sad death. The body was in perfect shap, not a mark on it save for the dust that had settled. I too it with me to my shop where I put it as side for a while after taking some close up photos.

It took a while for the idea to jell but after a day or two of it sitting on my shelf and in my head the idea of a Viking Funeral crossed my mind. So I set about improvising a mini long boat. What it lacks in style it makes up in soul. Dragonflys are our best allies out here, eating every that flys that is smaller then themselves. Since most of the things that try to eat me are smaller then a dragonfly they eat the bugs that eat me.

The boat came out much simpler then I had imagined it at first, but reality set in and minimalist started too look better then half cocked need less details. So this afternoon I finished it up and after dinner I set it free on the lake.

Its voyage was short lived and side ways of planned. The silly thing got stuck on some lake grass and went back wards before a fish jumped up and tried to eat the dragonfly on the bow. But I paid my respects to its kind and the good they do for use

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Ien in the Kootenays said...

What a great idea! Northern Dragonflies are amazing Even a bit scary. We picked a dead one up on the McKenzie highway for a good close-up look. It is easy to imagine them even bigger and willing to take bites out of US.