Friday, August 15, 2008

Foot work.

This tail end of summer has been good up here. Yes I did come up here to find the place with air so thick with smoke I could not see Yellow Knife, but it rained a few days later clearing up that smoke and making room for string of nice days full of sun and some times getting too hot. The bugs have been largely absent. We have not been with out interesting weather. A Thunder storm some time around 4am on the 11th took out the internet connection for half a day and the phones were another day in the repairs. That was the end of the string of hot weather we had after I arrived, after that it rained for a day and a night. I was not going to start looking for cubits and gofer wood but it did make me go from need cool showers one day to need a hot shower to warm me then next. Its funny how this place is.

So we are back in to a string of clear warm and sunny days. So its back to the walks. This evening I took a long walk over a ridge that goes behind two of the lesser lakes behind camp. Its a good walk as much of it is in the open and high up keeping the bugs at bay. For fun I actually ran. Not the yuppy jog of some one trying to keep up a heart rate, but a child like dashing about. Often up hill. Running normally bores me, its only when I move on to interesting irregular surfaces that it becomes something worth doing. It was good to let my legs get a work out, all this standing and lifting core boxes has left me with strong arms and weak legs some thing off the opposite of my life time norm. After making record time along that ridge I found my self at a cliff top that I had wished I had my camera with me the last time I was there. It looks out over a little valley that in a land scape of bumpy hills managed to look like a valley, not just a swamp between hills.

After that I worked my way down to the lake and took the time to watch the clouds, since my readers have there own clouds to watch I took the time to photograph a few of them as I can not organize an NWT cloud watching trip for my fans.


(^oo^) bad girl (^oo^) said...

Well well well......

Ien in the Kootenays said...

Love the pictures of Northern landscapes and reading about your daily life there.