Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Late Post.

A slow day.

The last two days have turned into unexpected mental health days. Yesterday work too me to a drill site where due to arriving early but not early enough to make flying back to camp worth while I spent the afternoon at the drill walking around and enjoying not being in the office. Today saw me in the office as I had at long last finished off work in the core shack which in the last sentence I call the office. Today was spent doing all the computer focused cleanup and error correction. Work that progresses much smoother on a computer with a larger screen as I can fit the whole spread sheet on the screen.

Late afternoon rolled and round and my eyes grew tired of the whiteness in the for ground. So after a hurried proof reading, one that I will have to recheck in the morning I choose to call the day off a little early and go for a walk. I head south by west to the other end of the property. I had not been that way since I came back here after my break. And a long last I had my camera with me as I passed the old cabin.

I also took my morning walk to the weather station, with the sky clear and the moon up I had to snap a few. A day of less then perfect productivity but one that feels fresher the normal for being at the three week mark. This walk was written and I had wanted to post it 3 days ago when it was still fresh. Blogger until now has not let me post images which rather pissed me off.
If you need a break to refresh your mind then look no farther the the People's Mario, Nintendo as it should be.
The most glorious animation on the internets Thanks for the link ;)
The Peoples Mario

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