Saturday, August 9, 2008

Summer Vacation

As one or two readers have pointed out I have been some time with out a post, okay that was a week ago, but I have been silent for some time prior to that. I was away, away from the north a way from the Internet and far to involved in real life to take the time to write. Thankfully I have fodder to write about. Three weeks of summer vacation. From July 10 to July 30 I was free from the pressures of work and enjoying the good company of family and friends.

I spent the majority of my time off some where near Trail. From there several little adventures took me and some times the dog to various local lakes and parks.

A Happy Boomer Dog with a Stick

Highlights include a stop at Kooteny pass where a dead moose was spotted at the side of the road. Twenty minuets before the dead moose was a live but shaggy big horned sheep with small horns. There was a brief stop at the glass house on Kookeny lake that I have not seen since I was a kid. The sunset with forest fire from the Kooteny lake fire was beautiful.

Other details, I did two years worth of movies, having gone out to see, Wall-e, Hell Boy II and Dark Knight. All of which are good movies though I have a soft spot for Wall-e, its a Disney film but with a dark twist on the end of the world, the Garbage Apocalypse. I had a birthday where in a break with the unofficial tradition of the last few years it was not ignored.

After 10 days and one car accident, everyone came out fine but the Jeep had its last day, I headed over to Nakusp where, I went mad and managed to clean up two thirds of the upper half of the old log house. I also took my nephew to the beach and for the second year in a row managed to make sure he did not drown.

Now I an back in the north, is hot right now and I do wish I was back in the south, the company can be better down there.


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