Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Long time Ago on in Island Far far Away

I have in the past ranted against face book. And by and large my old views still stand. I was lucky enough today to trip a cross some photos from a ways back that where tagged with my name in Facebook. Photos I copied into my library as I had non from that time and place my self.

About 4 years ago and a pack of other students some academics and friends went on a semi educational trip to Hawaii. Where we Spent much of our time on the Big island. At that time I had only a film camera and I had some troubles with it. The short version is that I managed to double expose a role. The images that were over printed were less important then the ones that they got over printed by. I over printed a party at a surfer shack with images from the top of Mona Kea. Because the Mona Kea trip had the fewest people only three of use when there there was not the overlapping set of images. So Here then are some found images taken of my by others on that trip. Its lunch time now so I will not fill in all the details of the context just yet. With luck I will get to that later.


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