Monday, June 15, 2009

Claws Returns

Greetings Bloggies.

We have a guest, in a season of guests we have an uninvited member of self proclaimed royalty. The neighbors cat, who was absent for all of the winter and much of the fall has come back. Our six toed nearly 20 pound beast has wandered back up this way. He has not made him self known since his last visit in which he got chased out of our house by the late Obo. That might very well have been Obies last great display of force.

Well I knew the cats name once I have since forgetten, we call him Pinko and he seams to listen. Since that is in general the best you can hope to get out of a cat its not bad. He will through him self at you with some force its rather amusing.
Lacking any other camera I put the computer on the floor and used the web cam for some candid cat shooting.

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