Friday, June 19, 2009

A Ride

Greetings Bloggies.

There is no much to say here. Yesterday it was a warm sunny afternoon. I was in need of some exersise. I went for a bike ride and went farther then I have so far this year. I am slowly getting back some of the shape I lost after 2.5 years in a bush camp and not riding for nearly three years. At last my legs and lungs are the controling factor not my ass's tollerance of the bike's seat. I went 90% of the way into town by way of the rail road track and back the same way. It was a deceptive grade on the way down it took more effort then I would like addmt to come back the way I came. At least I skipped out of the worst climbing until last slog up into Crescent bay.
I also stopped a long the way and shot some kids, but it looks like my camra and I had a dissagreement and I shut it off before it wrote all the images to the card so no Goat images.

I thought about, I even walked down that way But I did not ride down that trial. It was at once steep, but not impossibly so, it was steep and loose. There was too much of the loose and coarse gravel that would have beaten me up and thrown me around like a thingy.

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chani said...

those pics make me miss Nakusp alot...cnat wait to go back for a visit!!