Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Greetings Again bloggies.

THose you you might know that I was part of a hasty trip to Vancouver. For reasons that some of you know and the rest can guess at. My mission was not completed to my standards due to having access to a different camera, with abilities that were some what more limited to what I had gotten used to. However, it did a fine job on most things. There were some nice cityscapes to be had. The view from the Wall center has its merits.

So enjoy my effort at urban shooting.

Community Garden Davy and Burrard street. A nice patch of green on a multi-million dollar patch of down town

Pretty flowers on the way to some where.

Tick TocK Tick Tock

UBC, Has wood, Kind of. Cement cord wood who would have thought.

Inside the Chan Center Prior to the big show.

Your intrepid Blogger, laptop and book, a semi still life.

Science world from the road, a view new to me having only gone that way by sky train. Your next stop is Main Street, Science World.

St' Paul's Hospital Christmas lights long turned of, With light and camera reflecting in the window for a unwanted but interesting after the fact effect.

1/3 of the wall center, by building count a larger percent based on floor count. A rather tall building.

The sun sets its not working over time even in the big city.

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