Monday, June 29, 2009


Greetings Bloggies.

A warm welcome from the air conditioned depths of the Castlegar public library. I never could understand why Library has that first R, I can't hear it. Any way. This is a bit of a afternoon quicky. I reviewed a post from the beginning of June in which I was nervous about the challenges facing me prior to my going to BCIT. I am still some what nervous about that project and the big challenges it will put on my plate. But I have been working hard for the last month, I have started to get back the habit of working. I now have, a complete funding application, which is waiting on the civil servant to review it. That was the first hurdle. It came together well, I was told that it was more solid then other applications of the same type that have passed through that office.

I have also solved a bigger challenge, I have gotten a room at BCIT residence. At this point I have a very good shot at getting the funding I need, I have the base of operations I need. The intangibles are also coming along. I have a growing handful of industry contacts with varying degrees of openness, including two open invites to pay the office a visit when I am in town. That number will grow much larger by the time I visit Vancouver in August.

I am chipping away at other things as well, though they are taking longer because they are tougher to learn. I have made some progress in learning HTML, Python and I have focused strongly on Java in the last two weeks. I got a lead on a book Thinking in Java, and Its my aim to work through this book, even if I can hardly do a chapter a day and gain some understanding of the theories governing object oriented programing. Hopefully this will translate well into other areas of computer science and push me forward in the program.

Yay Me.

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