Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Foods Rights

I have to vent.

I cooked dinner last night. I was hungry and also not in the mood to eat what ever disharmonious creation mother had in mind. I created a simple sauce with red and yellow pepers white and red onions some diced tomatoes, some herbs from the garden and let it reduce to a think consistency. I added some prawns after so as not too over cook them. Cooked up some pasta and called a day. I did not call dinner it was good in the pan and would keep for a while. So I ate my meal and left the rest for the rest.

Well mother comes in from the garden looks at the dish and rushes out to the freezer and dumps a load of frozen peas in to the thing. I took offense. I had cooked a meal with the ingredients of my choice, it was generally healthy, the flavors had some time though perhaps not enough time to cook into the sauce. It was good as it was. I did not mind so much the getting of the green onions that was a reasonable garnish but the peas were trespassing.

This even feeds into my thesis, mother over cooks things. I do not mean that she generally burns food or such, I mean that she adds too many ingredients in the name of healthy. I am now sick at the site of kale. I had my last of it when she cooked a Fritata, which not only lacked the firm texture it could have had it was underlain with such a large mass of soggy kale that by and large it tasted like pickled nails.
Mother it does not need green to be healthy. I cooked it was my idea, don't edit until its left overs.

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