Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I made a tactical error on Monday. In the quest to find a library book on HTML for my planned website transfer project I picked up a National Geographic field guild to photography. The HTML book is too old dating to round 2006, meaning it was researched and written around 2005, at the time the standards that are the norm now were just coming out of draft. It will do for the basics but will it work over all remains to be seen.

As for the camera book, it makes me want to get a new one. I have been reading the chapters on Digital SLRs. I want that control. I want to have high quality images. I have a camera, my old little nikon but its just not the tool I want. Must start making money again. Damn capitalism.

The Lamented and Late Power Shot G9 WIth Telephoto extension, in November at the Wall center.

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